Did you know that majority of residential property roofs across London ON are shingle roofing material? This pertains to asphalt roofing, which uses tar and asphalt and provides exceptional roofing for any property. However, modern roofing gives homeowners a wide range of roof shingle materials — each one needing specialized service for efficient installations and lasting longevity.

Cub Roofing is London ON’s finest asphalt shingle roofer and overall residential property contractor in London ON. We will resolve all your roofing needs and guarantee only exceptional and long-term performance.

Comprehensive Asphalt Shingle Roofing Installations, Repairs and Replacements

Cub Roofing: London ON’s Go-To Shingle Roofing Company

No Delays, Always on Time

Our team functions like clockwork. You can trust we meet all deadlines within the agreed dates. We set milestones to keep our work and objectives in full view. With Cub Roofing, you only work with top-level roofing contractors who deliver exceptional roofing results.

Complete and 100% Customer Satisfaction

Upon arrival, our team will inspect your roof without any charge. Furthermore, our inspections will provide a 100% accurate estimate without any additional fees during and by the end of the project. Lastly, we guarantee the implementation of all solutions and leave no stone unturned to deliver the caliber of roofing services you need.

Highly-Trained and Experienced Professionals

Our team has decades-experienced professionals with long-term experience performing all sorts of roofing services. This includes the repair, replacement, and installation of various roofing materials.

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