We don’t often think about roof replacement. However, it is truly essential we do. Even the best-manufactured roofs have a limited lifespan. In fact, an excellent roofing installation guarantees the long-term lifespan and performance of all roofing material.

London ON is known for its challenging weather that involves sub-zero temperatures, which is harmful to any roof. However, you can find a roofing contractor you can depend on with Cub Roofing.

Is it Time to Replace Your Old Roof?

Should you have a new roof and replace your old one so soon? Take note of the following signs to help you make your decision.

What You Get Working With Cub Roofing

Roof Replacement Estimate

We provide all clients a comprehensive roof replacement estimate for all projects. All these estimates are precise, and we guarantee no hidden fees. In doing so, Cub Roofing gives you the precise financial heads-up you need before you proceed with any new project.

Complete Roof Replacement Services

Cub Roofing’s team will bring all the necessary equipment and manpower required to start the project and end it within the agreed deadline. Our roof tear-off services will remove all your old roof, inspect and address roof deck issues, and install your new replacement roof.

Trained and Experienced Industry Professionals

Cub Roofing’s professional team has serviced properties across London ON for more than 10 years. When it comes to top-level roof replacements, we’re the people you can greatly depend on.

Work With Us!

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