No one really knows when storms will strike and cause detrimental damage to your roof. True enough, calling a reliable contractor after a hailstorm is imperative. However, what if your roof suffered massive damages right after a regular intensity storm? There’s no way to know until you call reliable professionals to inspect your roof.

Cub Roofing is London ON’s finest roofing contractors with decades of roofing experience. We can sort out any roof repair your property needs.

Comprehensive Residential and Commercial Roof Repair Services

We have worked with dozens of homeowners and corporate, commercial, and institutional property owners in locating damages, fixing leaks, and determining the other causes of roofing damages. In performing successful projects, we have improved the lifespan and long-term performance of their existing roofing material.

We can work with the following roofing materials and fix all possible problems associated with each in no time.

Residential Roof Services

Commercial Roof Services

Cub Roofing: You're Always Working With the Best

With our team doing your roof repairs, you’re definitely in good hands. We only guarantee top-level results and long-term lifespan for all our roofing projects. Contact us today to get a free quote on our repair services!