Your roof’s manufacturer promised that your roof would last for 30-40 years with minimal maintenance. You believe this because manufacturers have different formulations for asphalt shingles. However, your roof has started to show some signs of immediate wear and tear. Plus, you’ve had a professional look into your roof, and they’ve mentioned that it’s best to replace them soon.

If you don’t replace them whenever possible, you’ll have to deal with the following problems.

Roof Leak Damage

If you don’t have roofing replacements soon, you could suffer from massive roof leak damages in the future. Once a strong storm passes through your London, ON home, you’ll end up with challenging leaks unexpectedly.

A Rising Liability

Insurers will always send investigators to check your property’s condition. If they find your London, ON roof is in poor condition, they will consider increasing your premiums. Additionally, you’re becoming an increasing risk to their business until you finally have your roof replacement.

Diseases and Dangers

Poor roof hygiene and performance allow small creatures, such as vermin and microorganisms, to make their homes on your roof. In doing so, their waste byproducts will affect your interior property’s air quality, which increases the risk of infections and dangers in your home.

LePage & Sons Roofing has an excellent list of additional reasons never to leave your roof in poor condition. Read more about them below.

Further Leaks and Water Damage

Roof shingles start to degrade as they near the end of their lifespan, though they can display signs of disrepair earlier on due to the lack of maintenance. Regardless of the circumstances, the process of aging exposes the roof further to the elements. Eventually, it will start to leak during a sudden downpour, with the chances of it occurring in more than just one area. The presence of water can rot the roof’s wooden components, including its structural members. Not only that, but your interiors could also see some damage. Consider replacing your roof before this damage worsens; otherwise, you may also be spending more on mold remediation.

Presence of Mold and Pests

If you allow leaks and water damage to go unaddressed, expect mold to spread in your attic and your living spaces. You could also be putting your family’s health at risk of health problems, especially those that affect the respiratory system. Apart from the expense that comes with mold remediation, letting roof damage linger for a long time also encourages pest activity. Roof openings and damp environments attract rodents and insects. Like mold, these small critters can pose a health hazard for everyone in your home. They can even damage your home’s interior components, including HVAC ducts and electrical wiring, as they turn your home into their breeding grounds.

Extensive Structural Damage

A severely-damaged roof waiting to be replaced can also pose various safety risks. The longer the delay, the more likely your home may suffer issues that compromise its structural integrity. In worst-case scenarios, the roof may cave-in eventually and collapse. Also, water finding its way into electrical systems increases the risk of a house fire. Any of these possibilities can jeopardize your family’s safety, so it is in your best interest to avoid these at any cost through a roof replacement. (Continued)

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