The quarantine period in London, ON, has become worrying because of its extended length and nature. Without any assurance to the final date when the lockdown lifts, most homeowners are anxious about their property’s situation, especially those unlucky to have missed their scheduled roof inspections.

Some homeowners have resorted to DIY, which we highly discourage. Dependable London, ON roofers can tell you that roofing equipment is expensive. Furthermore, the lack of experience homeowners have in traversing their roofs is even bigger trouble because of the dangers it poses.

However, the most significant hazards for London, ON homeowners today is the rise of online roofing material sales. While the convenience offered by dependable local roofing brands through online transactions is commendable, it’s not a good sign for homeowners in general. Some have begun to go to other online marketplaces because of their lower prices.

Unfortunately, online roofing suppliers are unlicensed suppliers of roofing materials. Therefore, they can “ride” on a high-quality brand’s reputation, and then bait and switch customers with an inferior quality bundle of asphalt shingles, clay tiles, or metal roofs.

Online selling dupes are familiar with roofing materials as they are with other items. Furthermore, most of these suppliers come from overseas markets with different quality control measures when you compare them with local suppliers. Therefore, it’s better to work with local suppliers at all times.

However, if you’d like to venture and explore all your options online, keep in mind the following tips from Opragen Health. Furthermore, if you need high-quality roofing installments, replacements, and repairs, you can count on us at Cub Roofing to help you with everything you need.

Authenticity of the online shopping website

The number of online stores increases by the day. There are some that are busy conning people off their hard-earned money, and there are others that are doing legitimate business. It is up to the customer to separate the wheat from the chaff. There are several tools that customers use to confirm the validity of a website before they can buy anything on it.

Online identity

On top of confirming that a site is credible, it is also important to ascertain that the website is what it claims to be. Cybercrime is far from being eliminated from the online business world. Impersonation still exists. Remember that no one knows you are who you are on the internet. Therefore, before you buy something from a website, you should be able to confirm the exact identity of the website.

Safety of the payment method

Once you are sure of the authenticity and the identity of the website, the next thing to consider should ensure the safety of the payment method. Customers want to be sure that they can comfortably share their credit card numbers with the website in question. Customers also want to be sure that they can get an invoice and a receipt of their payment. Indeed, the entire checkout process is of great concern to online shopping


Online shopping has made it easy for us to buy goods wherever they are in the world. While this is a great move, it has its challenges. For instance, with most online shops, goods are delivered to your doorstep after a stipulated period. There is always the fear that your goods may be shipped to the wrong address or they may get lost somewhere on the way. There is also the possibility that the goods may arrive later than they were expected. For these reasons, customers are always concerned with the safety of the shipment process. (Continued)