Metal roofing offers exceptional protection for any property. However, to guarantee top-notch performance, it requires a perfect installation. In doing so, it will require minimal maintenance. You will definitely enjoy its extended lifespan.

However, metal roofs will still deteriorate and turn brittle over time. In addition, repeated expansion and contraction with the change of seasons contribute to its decreased performance. You’ll need a reliable roofer with in-depth metal roofing experience to help you.

Cub Roofing is a roofer with decades of experience handling metal roofing installations, replacements, and repairs. We’re the people you’re looking for.

We offer the following metal roofing services in London ON

1. Metal Roof Replacement

metal roof

2. Metal Roof Repair

3. Metal Roof Snowguard

We Work With a Wide Range of Metal Roofing Materials


Steel is an excellent roofing material. With a density that hailstones and wind can puncture or lift, it is a perfect choice for any property. Nowadays, steel roofs have zinc or aluminum coatings that increase their lifespan and durability. With a perfect installation, you can have your superior steel roof protecting your home for decades.


Lightweight, non-corrosive, and elegant, aluminum can last even beyond a century with minimal maintenance. In addition, we can install it quicker than steel or copper materials because of its weight. However, it can crack or have dents if it contracts and expands while having poor installation allowance. Avoid this by working with experienced professionals.


Copper is as durable as aluminum yet more expensive. Most homeowners love copper as accent materials for their roofs. Unfortunately, it can be a handful in the hands of inexperienced roofers.


Traditional corrugated roofing with exposed fasteners still guarantee top-quality aesthetics and performance. Our team has decades of experience and hundreds of houses installed with corrugated metal roofs.

Standing Seam

Heavy and dense standing seam metal roofs require special equipment and additional roofing joists to install. However, they add a beautiful premium real estate aesthetic to any property and can last beyond centuries even with minimal maintenance.

Why Choose Cub Roofing As Your Metal Roofer?

Cub Roofing is a roofer with over 10 years of metal roofing experience. We are London ON’s go-to roofing company and have installed over hundreds of roofs for both residential and commercial properties in the area. Contact us today and get a free quote on your metal roofing installations.