Flat roofs introduce boldness because they have little to no aesthetic appeal. However, this trait contributes to the modern curb appeal of flat-roofed residences. In fact, commercial buildings share this particular trait.

However, even if London ON flat-roofed properties are barely noticeable it doesn’t mean they do not do their job. Furthermore, they can only do their job well if the material has an excellent installation and consistent quality regular maintenance.

Cub Roofing is London ON’s finest residential and commercial flat roofer you can count on. We have been the area’s go-to roofer for decades. We’re confident we can provide you the top quality flat roofing solutions you need.

Professional Flat Roofers for Residential and Commercial Properties

We offer the following services in London ON

Materials We Work With

Over the years, we’ve worked with countless top-tier suppliers and received certifications that guarantee end-user warranties after our installation, repair, or replacement procedures.

Cub Roofing: London ON’s Number-One Top Flat Roofer

We have been servicing residential, commercial, corporate, and industrial properties for more than 10 years. With us, you get the following:

Adaptive Solutions

No problem too big or too small. We create solutions both in textbook and improvised ways — with only high-quality and long-term results as guarantee.

Meets All Deadlines

When you work with Cub Roofing, we will start the project on time and meet all your expectations by the deadline.

Experienced and Talented Professionals

Our team is made up of well-trained, educated, and experienced professionals. We undergo yearly seminars and certifications to maintain our quality of work.

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