The holiday season is over, and it’s a year of new beginnings. Fortunately, with everything slowly going back to normal, you can get your trusted London, ON roofers to help you with everything you need. The previous year has been unkind to the industry. Plus, it’s been problematic for many homeowners because it threw their roofing maintenance schedule off-balance. After the winter season, it’s imperative to work with roofers to ensure your roof’s condition remains completely sound.

Winter can deal so much damage to residential roofs. For example, ice dams do a “double whammy” in London, ON homes. First, they can melt instantly, permeating your roofing materials and underlayment. In doing so, they can cause massive water damages to your property. On the other hand, it can weigh against your roofing material, causing a dent that will require replacement in extreme cases.

Snow is a dangerous material because of its extreme temperature. While virtually every roofing material can resist snow, ones with existing flaws will have further problems in the future. Therefore, once spring arrives, it’s best to consult with professional London, ON roofers immediately.

Greenawalt Roofing has an excellent list of common roofing problems you are likely to face. Learn more about them below.


When warm air meets a cold surface, condensation will occur. Unfortunately, an improperly insulated attic is a prime candidate for the formation of condensation, which can lead to mold and mildew, damaging the interior structure of your home. To prevent condensation, ensure your attic is properly ventilated. Inadequate ventilation can damage your roof, the decking, and encourage ice dams and shorten your roofs overall lifespan by half.


If you have a sloped roof like most of us do, you may be no stranger to leaky flashing. Flashing are the strips of metal that are placed along the front edge, corners and ridges of your roof and around your chimney and skylights. If not installed properly, or during a violent storm, they can start to pull away from your roofing material and lead to water leaks. Inspect your flashing about every six months to help prevent this from becoming a problem.


When wind speeds pick up enough they can start to loosen up shake and asphalt shingles. If you notice shingles or other parts of your roof on the ground, contact us as soon as possible to schedule a free inspection and full roof replacement estimate.


If you have lots of trees in your yard you’ve been blessed with beautiful, year-round scenery. But, this means you’re also privy to some of the dangers large trees can impose. Sometimes overhanging tree limbs can scrape the surface of your roof and damage its protective top layer. And, if branches end up falling into your roof that can cause problems too. So, to protect your home and family, make sure to trim any branches that come within six feet of your roof. It will also keep the critters from crossing the roof and trying to enter the roof for Spring nesting. (Continued)

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