Buyers want to buy a hassle-free home. All they need to do is move in and enjoy the home. Their convenience also means the seller has taken care of every detail that will affect the lifespan, performance, and dependability of the entire property.

If you’re considering replacing your roof before selling it, you’re making a great decision. You can get the following advantages that can increase your sales profits.

No Point of Contention From Buyers

Buyers are nitpicky. They will enjoy the aesthetics and impressive line of products you’ve used to replace your roof, siding, flooring, and other components. However, they will nitpick any single issue and include it during negotiations.

By replacing your roof, they can’t negotiate anything down with you. They will fully understand that the house and all your efforts to improve it are a huge premium that they should respect and pay for.

Generate More Leads

Good-looking properties get more leads than poorly-made ones because they’re easier on the eyes. Human memory easily remembers a beautiful image. With this in mind, a new roof should stick within the memory of your lead, enabling you to generate a possible sale with high profit most of the time.

Introduce a Hassle-Free Premium

It’s always ideal for buyers that everything is smooth and seamless. They’ll surely look for a fair deal while talking to you, but it doesn’t mean they don’t recognize a premium service or product when they see it. For example, using a high-quality roofing material with a transferable warranty is a hassle-free premium any homeowner would want.

Clever has an excellent list of reasons why you should replace your roof before selling it.

Should I replace my roof before selling?

You probably don’t need to replace your roof before selling your home. It’s an expensive project that doesn’t add much value to your home, and it might not be necessary.

You should only consider roof replacement if your roof’s condition could jeopardize your chances of selling altogether. For example, if you’re targeting buyers who might not be able (or willing) to pay for a big-ticket repair like that after closing.

Your realtor will ultimately be in the best position to advise whether you should replace or repair your roof before listing – or if you’re better off leaving it alone.

This guide breaks down all the key info you need to decide if replacing your roof is worth considering – and will help you have a more informed conversation with your agent.

Replacing a roof before selling a house really only makes sense if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

You think your roof’s poor condition will jeopardize your entire home sale, and repairs won’t solve the issues.

Your goal is to sell at a high price and fast, and you’re targeting buyers who might not have the money, or willingness, to take on a major repair after closing (like first-time or low income home buyers).

You can afford the costs of replacing a roof, or your roof was recently damaged in a storm and your homeowner’s insurance will cover it. (Continued)

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