You’ve certainly heard plenty of horror stories about failing roofing materials, and it’s made you feel confused about the roofing materials you should use for your home. True enough, each roofing material — from the greatly-affordable asphalt shingle roofs to exceptionally durable clay and slate tiles — have their respective advantages and disadvantages. In fact, even the most flawless and dependable new metal roofing materials have their own shortcomings too.

For example, steel roofs that are neither galvanized nor galvalumed can only last for 30-40 years until corrosion fully turns the material brittle. However, even the zinc or aluminum coating can disappear during the same time period and exposes the steel core itself. In addition, metal roofing standing seam panels are heavy and will require special equipment and more labor time from renowned London ON metal roofers with extensive experience.

However, it doesn’t mean new metal roofing materials shouldn’t be on top of your list. While they’re more expensive than the average asphalt roof shingles, they aren’t as expensive and high-maintenance as clay and slate tiles. Additionally, you have a huge roster of colors of metal roofing protective acrylic elastomeric coating to choose from.

Here are a few more reasons why new metal roofing should be something you should heavily consider for roof installation or replacement.

It Remains One of The Most Durable Roofing Materials Available

As we’ve mentioned earlier, new metal roofing is one of the most durable roofing materials in existence. It can last at a minimum of 70 years or even further even with minimal regular maintenance. Both corrugated and standing seam galvanized, galvalumed, aluminum, and copper roofing are capable of delivering consistent roofing protection for London ON homes like yours in need of exceptional protection and lifespan.

Wow Decor has an excellent description to the reliability and lifespan of new metal roofing. Read more about it below.

Metal Roof or Shingles: Which One is Better for Your Home

You have several choices to make when it comes to roofing your house. For instance, you have to choose the roofing material to use. Many homeowners are torn for choices when it comes to the metal roof vs. shingles comparison. Shingles consist of single overlapping elements that cover the roof. These can be made of materials like wood, slate, flagstone metal, plastic, and composite materials like fiber cement.

In Asia and Europe, shingles are referred to as tiles. Metal is also a popular roofing material. It’s used in the form of sheets that are characterized by a high resistance to the damage caused by the elements. These are just some of the qualities that make metal roofing a better option than shingles. But, if torn between metal and shingles, here are some of the reasons to go for a metal roof.

Metal Roof is Durable than Shingles

When faced with extreme weather, a metal roof proves its resilience easily than shingles. A metal roof can last up to a hundred years. This results in a lower long term cost because you don’t have to replace your roof. The owner of a house with a metal roof enjoys peace of mind because some installers provide warranties of up to 50 years. Shingles, on the other hand, tend to wear off quickly, especially those of organic origin. This increases the cost of occasional repair and possible replacement.


A metal roof is cheaper in the long term. The light weight of metallic roofing material makes its installation easy and faster. Shingles are cheaper upfront but since they wear off easily, a homeowner is likely to incur the cost of a replacement down the road. This makes them more expensive than a metal roof in the long run. Moreover, the additional layer of plywood adds to the installation cost. (Read More)

Metal Roofs Are Fast to Install

In addition, laborers find metal roofs easier and faster to install. True enough, it takes manpower and special equipment to bring up heavy new metal roofing on top of your roof. However, with advanced concealed fastening systems, standing seam variants achieve exceptionally speedy roofing installation.

DGB Construction highlights the speed of new metal roofing installations along with other advantages such as the low likelihood of moss growth and others the site lists below.

Quick Install

A simple metal roof install can go quite quickly due to the size of each metal sheet compared to other roofing materials. This might be negated by more complex installs of additional insulation layers.

Great at Shedding Snow

A buildup of to much snow and ice can cause to much weight on the roof and potentially result in damage to your home.

Metal roofs allow snow to slide off much better than asphalt roofs. Darker colors can also warm up in the winter sun and facilitate even better self removal of snow and ice. Just make sure your roofer install proper preventive measures to avoid potential injuries from falling snow and ice.

No Moss or Fungus

Depending on conditions, asphalt shingles are prone to develop moss and fungus as they get older. This can further damage the shingles and further minimize the lifespan of the roof. (Read More)

Many Renowned London ON Roofers Install Metal Roofs

Lastly, many dependable and highly-capable metal roofing companies such as Cub Roofing can install new metal roofing in the fastest and most accurate way possible. In fact, if you’ve yet to find a roofer you can depend on, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible today!