You’ve saved up so much and now, you’ve finally got it: you can afford quality metal roofing for your London ON home. However, you only saved for the roofing material and not exactly for the labor. You do want to use professional and outstanding metal roofers in London ON but you need your roof up your house ASAP. So, what can you do about it? Here is the best guide you can use: metal roofing for dummies in London ON.

It isn’t too difficult to tear down your old roof if you have the right tools. However, it’s fairly easy to commit mistakes that will affect the roof’s long-term lifespan.  In this metal roofing for dummies, you’ll learn exactly which practice to avoid and which ones actually work. Keep reading below!

Common Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Professional roofers have spent more than a decade of their lives committing mistakes, rectifying them, and creating solutions out of them. Peak Roofing & Construction appears to be an equivalent of our when it comes to excellent roofing.

In their short list below, you’ll find some very interesting characteristics of a poorly-done roof that has committed common mistakes. You can read an excerpt about some of them below.

Color Variability

Metal roofing’s color is supposed to be consistent throughout. However, if you look at some cheaply done metal roofing, you may notice a slight variability in the metal’s color. This is a common issue, especially when you hire bottom-barrel roofers. They don’t understand the problems with using different batches of metal material.

Incorrect Sealant

When you are installing a metal roof, there are particular types of sealant that you can and cannot use. Some inexperienced roofers will just use any old sealant around protrusions. This can lead to leaks, roof damage, rusting, and can even void the warranty.

Incorrect Fastener Installation

When you are installing a metal roof, you need to be well aware of the differences in temperature and humidity has on the metal roof and the wood below. This can cause the fasteners to move and back out or rust. Incorrectly installed fasteners can lead to leaks and permanent damage. If you start to notice rust on your fasteners or that they are popping up call our roofing contractors right away for assistance. (Read More)

Tools You’ll Need

According to Roofing Calculator, metal roofing only needs three kinds of tools to install properly. However, we digress; we believe there are more than just three. We speak from our extensive knowledge and experience in roofing. While insufficient, the tools they evaluated are actually highly valuable. However, we’re going to add a lot more information about metal roofing tools right after this section.

Metal Snips (retail price – $10-15 a pair) – Metal cutting (aviation) snips replace the utility knife that would typically be used to cut asphalt shingles. Metal snips are the primary tool you use to separate the metal panels and cut them to the right length. Using snips requires more deliberate action than running a utility knife down a length of shingles, but one can argue that the motion is safer and more accurate. This lightweight tool will easily fit into your utility belt.

Impact Driver – (retail price – $100-$300) – An impact driver uses both rotation and concussive force to drive fasteners through the thickest, densest materials. It’s almost like having a drill and a high-powered ratchet in one device, delivering two-to-three times more torque than a standard screw driver. You’ll need this raw power to secure the metal panels to the roof sheathing.

Hand Seamer (retail price – $30-$60) – A hand seamer is what you’ll need to make accurate, clean angle bends in sheet metal. This is crucial around hips and ridges to make sure the individual metal panels are flush with one another. Most hand seamers are designed with a smooth finish, as not to scratch metal surfaces. It is a strong and versatile tool, making it great for many kinds of metal detailing work. (Read More)

Metal Roofing Source has additional tools that every roofer needs to have in their disposal. Indeed, you cannot fulfill any quality roofing from any metal roofing for dummies guide if you’re using an incomplete set of tools. Read more about it below.

Electric Swivel Head Metal Shears:

Cost is around $200.00 and you can pick them up at or at a local hardware/tool shop. These are useful for cutting metal panels across the corrugation or cutting shingle style materials.

Our Favorite Inexpensive Shear Attachment:

This one attaches to your electric drill and has nice deep throat to it. The deep throat enables it to easily pass through any high ribbing on the panels.


Nibbler attachments are a great device. They attach onto your electric drill and therefore don’t run much money. We like the one shown the right. Most nibblers will easily cut curves as well as straight lines.

Nibblers are the perfect tool for cutting across corrugation as well as circle cuts around vent pipes ect. The only downside to a nibbler is that they are specialized tools and only used in metal cutting. You may want to opt for the attachment shown above if you don’t plan to get into the metal roofing business.

Blade Cutting: (Read More)

Why Work With Professional Metal Roofers Instead?

Professional roofing companies such as us at Cub Roofing only guarantee exceptional workmanship when it comes to metal roofing. While we know you can do it, you can always have metal roofers perform the job for you saving time and money in the process

With our years of experience and knowledge, we only guarantee exceptional results for all projects you entrust to us. Contact us today!