If you’re planning to own a newly-constructed home or find metal roofs a great replacement for your aging residential roof, then it’s important to know which metal roof supplier should you work with. In London ON, dozens of metal roof suppliers will advertise their brand-name manufacturers, which will make it more difficult to make a decision. However, if you need a short list, here are four qualities we highly recommend you always take note of

Do They Manufacturer Corrugated or Standing Seam Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing comes in three kinds of styles: corrugated, standing seam, and metal roofing shingles. London ON suppliers rarely distribute the latter, so most homeowners can only choose between the former two.

Both corrugated and standing seam metal roofs have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Here are elaborations of each one’s pros and cons to help you make a decision effectively.

Corrugated Pros and Cons


Affordability – at first look, any interested customer would think twice on purchasing and installing this type of roofing material as it can be more expensive as compared to the asphalt roofing and other affordable materials. However, when we look on the other side, you can save more as it does require less maintenance and has longer longevity than the traditional roofing.

Durability – corrugated roofing is known to last for a very long time which makes it a good investment to any homeowner especially to those who are having a hard time with their budget. Regardless of its high initial cost, most of the people who had installed this on their homes were happy and satisfied with the sturdy roofing material which had saved them on the repairs and maintenance expenses.

Easy Installation – the installation process of setting up corrugated roofing materials on any roof type is quite easy. In truth, you won’t need to hire a professional roofer for this kind of job as you can do this simple task all by yourself. Putting up your roof is faster than you think with this kind of material as you will not need any curing activity as that of asphalt roofing. All you need is to drill holes on the roof where you will securely install the corrugated roofing material. The installation procedure is quite similar to most types of roofing material in a way that you need to overlap the bottom sheet in order to prevent water from dripping inside the house.


Initial Expenses – you will most likely hesitate with this type of roofing material when you see the cost. Unlike asphalt roofing and other materials, this is quite expensive due to the good reasons tackled above. Although this can also be considered as a disadvantage, many homeowners disregard this fact as long as it can provide them with the function and purpose of the corrugated roof. (Source)

Standing Seam Pros and Cons


Standing seam metal roofing systems are a popular choice among Akron, Ohio, commercial roofers. It features long, narrow panels that are oriented from the gutter to the ridge. This roofing system is used for steep-sloped and low-sloped roofs. At Campopiano Roofing, we install the panels on-site using a roll-forming machine and coils of metal sheet, ensuring a fully customized fit.


This type of metal roofing system is widely used because of the following features:

LOW MAINTENANCE. The fasteners are concealed and only exposed at isolated locations. This feature allows for less maintenance.
CUSTOMIZED. Standing seam metal roofing is specifically formed to match the size of the structure. This simple process of installation creates continuous panels for the roof section, which results in a more precise fit for your Akron commercial roofing.
DURABILITY. Sheet metal roofing is known to last for more than 40 years and can withstand different weather conditions. Campopiano Roofing also uses thicker gauge steel to produce its roofing products.
VERSATILITY. This type of roofing system comes in a wide variety of colors that will match or complement the façade of your commercial property.
LEAK PREVENTION. Because the long panels of metal sheet are continuous, potential weak spots and entry points for leaks can be avoided. (Source)

Minimum Order Quantities

A metal roof supplier agrees to price their product less with wholesales. However, this might be to your advantage or disadvantage. Minimum order quantities sound troubling, but if you have a roof that spans more than 3,000 square feet, then going over the supplier’s minimum order quantity will help you save more money in the process.

However, not all metal roof suppliers have wholesale prices especially small hardware stores. While it will limit you to work with big metal roof suppliers, you have further savings too because most will offer free transportation of materials to your work site.

Turnaround Time and Delays

Even the best suppliers cannot outrun bad performance especially if they fail to meet the agreed turnaround time or keep delaying their deliveries. Thankfully, the Internet is a huge repository of metal roof supplier reviews and assessments by their former clients.

Google itself has its own review system. If you search “metal roof suppliers near me,” you’ll find a list of suppliers a few kilometers near your location. Next, you’ll find reviews by clients right next to their name including the number of stars and a few statements about their service.

Delays are a huge issue particularly for homeowners who need to have their roof replaced or repaired as soon as possible. For this reason, it is extremely vital to work with a reliable metal roof supplier.

Recommended By Your London ON Local Roofer

Lastly, your experienced and highly-trained professional London ON local roofers know a thing or two about reliable suppliers you can work with. If they’ve been around for more than a decade, they’ve formed strong and dependable relationships with a trusty local metal roof supplier. Ask your contractor first before finding any alternatives.

Remember, your metal roof supplier is as important as the metal roof you’re about to put on your roof itself and the local contractors who will install it for you. If you have yet to find a reliable roofer, you can count on Cub Roofing to help you. We have been serving local properties for more than a decade. Call us today!