You’re looking at your roof, and you remember it’s been more than 10 years since you had it installed. Recently, it has begun leaking. In turn, you’ve done some patch-up jobs to prevent leaks from worsening. However, you’re seeing some poor, rusted roofing materials, and it’s too short in the metal roof’s lifespan for this to happen. Should you consider having metal roof replacement scope of work or just repairs?

It sounds like a simple decision that you won’t even need London ON’s finest metal roofing professionals with decades of experience to explain. However, it can be confusing. For some, metal roof repair procedures look like metal roof replacements especially when professionals begin tearing off some bits and pieces and use new materials to replace them. On the contrary, some replacement methods look as easy as repairs. So which is it? The best way to know is to understand the usual metal roof repair process as NRC Roofing and Restoration describes below.

Metal Roof Replacement Scope of Work: When to Consider Repairs

If you own a building with a metal roof, then you may have had to deal with damage, leaks, and the associated repairs – and if you haven’t had to do that yet, you will probably have to make repairs at some point in the future. So, of course, it’s best to be prepared in advance and be well-informed by your insurance company before disaster strikes.

What’s more, if you have commercial or residential tenants in the building, you’ll want to understand what to expect when you are dealing with repairing a metal roof properly so that your future issues are limited, as well as working with contractors and your insurance team regarding compensation.

The Issues You Deal with When You Own a Metal Roofing System

The biggest problem you might experience is a leak in your metal roof, but that can be even easier to fix than you thought with a little bit of learning and expertise. Understanding how to repair metal roof leaks – or how to hire a professional who has experience repairing complicated roof leaks.

Whether or not you planned on dealing with the issues that come from managing a commercial or industrial property with a metal roof, it’s likely that if you are operating in the U.S., then you are responsible for metal roof system – most likely a standing seam or R-panel metal roof system, since those types of roofs are used in a significant portion of commercial and industrial buildings in the United States. (Continued)

Now, how is it any different with metal roof replacement scope of work? Your roofing contractor in London ON will tell you if they’re performing a complete roof tear-off and replacement. However, if it appears they’re just doing repairs and spending much time, it’s best to know the actual process behind metal roof replacements.

The latter entails the need for more task-specific equipment than roof repairs. In addition, contractors will bring debris and trash containers, harnesses, and more scaffolding than they will bring for usual roof repairs. To familiarize yourself with the process, My Rooff has an excellent step by step description below.

Metal Roof Replacement Scope of Work: STEP-BY-STEP

The following 8 instruction steps will guide you through the installation of a metal roof.


You will need to order enough metal material to cover the entire roof, and this process starts with measuring the full size of your roof (in square feet).

You can measure the size of the roof from the ground, but it’s far more effective and efficient to measure it from on top of the roof itself.

Once you’ve arrived at a total square foot estimate for the roof, the next step is to add on an additional 10 percent to take into account potential waste (i.e. human error).


You’ll want to order metal panels that are an appropriate color and look to complement your house. Generally speaking, metal panels come in a few standard sizes at a typical home improvement store.

You can also pay extra to have metal panels custom cut to match the exact size of your roof. However, if you have a standard home with a sloped roof, it’s best to opt for the default sheet sizes already available.

If you need to cut these for a tricky area of the roof (such as around a vent or chimney), you can use your power metal shears for each sheet. (Continued)

At this point, you’re familiar with how roof repairs and replacements differ. However, when do you need metal roof replacement scope of work? Is it when your roof starts leaking? How do you know if your roof is in dire need of a complete tear-off and replacement with better roofing materials?

If you’re seeing rust on the external metal roof surface, it’s possible you’ll need metal roof restoration service, which is a form of roofing repair without having to remove and replace small patches of your metal roof material. On the other hand, critical rusting conditions and other factors Watertight Roofing describes here are important signs you should never disregard at all.

When to Replace Your Existing Metal Roof?

It may be time to replace your roofing if you notice any of the following:


Rust is not only a sign that the metal is beginning to tarnish, it’s a good indication that the protective coating on your roof has also deteriorated. Once the finish or coating is gone, moisture and water comes into direct contact with the metal, which ultimately leads to rusting. Pending an inspection, most commercial building owners don’t notice the rust until the roof is actually leaking, which is why it’s important to perform regular inspections of your commercial metal roof.

If you’re between professional inspections here are a few places where you can look for signs of rusting: flashings, vents, skylights, seams, ridge caps, fasteners, or any other place where the roofing is penetrated. (Continued)

It is important to remember that performing either metal roof repair or replacement requires the help of London ON’s most reliable contractors to prolong your existing or new roof’s lifespan and durability with 100% precision repairs. If you have yet to find a reliable roofer, you can count on Cub Roofing to help you. We have decades of experience handling metal roof services. Contact us today to know more!