Every London ON homeowner knows the durability and performance metal roofs bring to any property. However, like every other residential roofing material, it has its own shortcomings. One popular method to reinforce and prolong the lifespan of these materials is to use metal roof coatings. Are they a worthwhile investment?

Re-coating does save plenty of time rather than repair or replace your roof. In fact, London ON homeowners will find them helpful in revitalizing a roof in need of a protective layer to extend its lifespan. Metal Construction News has an excellent post about the capability of metal roof coatings for residential properties below.

Why Use Metal Roof Coating?

When the metal roof coating is chalking, fading or no longer looks appealing, re-coating can enhance the appearance of the building. A metal roof could be re-coated simply because the owner would like to change the color. Also, “When a metal roof coating is pealing or there is surface rust, re-coating a roof will increase its longevity by increasing its corrosion resistance,” says Michael Endredi, project engineer at The Garland Co., Cleveland. “Re-coating a roof is a less costly option than re-roofing for scenarios where the roof still functions, but lacks the appeal it once had and is in danger of corroding.”In addition to re-coating being an environmentally preferable choice by keeping waste out of landfills, it reduces the amount of energy consumed for tearing off old roofs, installing new roofs, transportation and manufacturing.
“Re-coating systems help extend the life of a metal roof, and that’s money in the bank,” says Kate Baumann, director of marketing and procurement at Mule-Hide Products Co. Inc., Beloit, Wis. “Only positives come from restoring a coating on a metal roof and then maintaining that coating by re-coating the roof as necessary. An elastomeric acrylic coating acts like a shield, protecting the metal roofing system from the elements, including ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and ice and hail storms. It encapsulates existing rust, even if the roof is heavily rusted. It helps keep the roof weathertight by repairing leaks, cracks and seams. Re-coating also keeps the roof sound by moderating thermal shock that can elongate screw holes.”(Read more)

Elastomeric and acrylic roof coatings offer life-enhancing protection for metal roofs. This is especially helpful for steel and tin roofs, which are greatly affected by moisture if their bare material is exposed to rain and snow. There are special coatings that exist for aluminum roofs too. These are especially useful especially its UV protective capability.

Design and Build With Metal has a good post on elastomeric and aluminum metal roof coatings. Learn more about them below.

Metal Roof Coatings: About Elastomeric & Aluminum Coatings

For a more cost-effective solution to seal and protect metal roofs, aluminum coatings are more common in industrial and agricultural buildings and, in some cases, can even be installed directly over light rust. With a metallic color, the coating assures a high level of reflective properties that keep the roof near ambient air temperatures.

Elastomeric metal roof coatings, such as the system offered by Firestone Building Products, are formulated with a 100 percent acrylic polymer that can provide durability, greater adhesion and water protection, while improving both the lifecycle and appearance of buildings. The white coating minimizes stress to fasteners and seams caused by thermal expansion and contraction. Additional colors like gray, tan and black can also enhance the appearance of the roof. (Read More)

However, in some situations, metal roof coatings aren’t the most practical options. In these situations, it may be wiser to protect your property with a new metal roof than trying to revitalize a truly aging material. Metal roofs have an average of 50 years and beyond in terms of durability, performance, and overall lifespan.

Topps Products indicates a few signs that require your full attention and inspection by a reliable London ON roofing contractor with years of experience and knowledge. before deciding that it’s truly time to tear off and replace a new roof for your property.

Signs It’s Wiser to Consider a New Metal Roof Than Have It Repaired

Leaks, corrosion and cooling the roof top surface are all problems that can be corrected with roof restoration. Restoration allows building owners and facility managers to maintain their roofs by providing an easy to apply, sustainable protective layer without hassling with the cost, business disruptions and landfill costs of tearing off and replacing the existing roof.

Regardless of the original finish, long-term exposure to the elements will deteriorate the protective finish. Rust will begin to form and over time will compromise the structural integrity of the roof, and negatively affect the aesthetics of the building. All metal roofs expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. This allows the seams to open up and lets moisture enter the building envelope. Proper repair compounds and re-coating products will restore a metal roof to like-new condition, using the original substrate as its base. (Continued)

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