When you need a good car for travel but want to save up a little bit, you’d look at a used car shop. As everyone experiences, there’s a good chance you will find a good vehicle with just enough mileage. Is it a good idea to have used metal roofing as your roof repair or replacement option for your London ON property? Is it possible that material wear and tear isn’t much a huge problem because metal is highly durable?

As experienced metal roofers in London ON, we can highly recommend only using brand new steel or aluminum roofs. However, if the budget isn’t too adequate, you can use used metal roofing in some scenarios. Just be warned of the following disadvantages that used metal roofing have. It may share similar properties with overall aged metal roofing as per Richmond Plumbing, but only at a negligible or small level.


A rusty roof is a sign that the protective coating on the metal has begun to deteriorate. When the protective coating starts cracking, chipping or wearing away, water can come in direct contact with the metal and cause it to tarnish. It’s not uncommon for rust to go completely unnoticed until leaks begin to appear, so always stay on top of your roof plumbing maintenance. A qualified roof plumber will look out for wear and tear to ensure it’s fixed before leaks start to occur.


Leaks are a pretty clear indication your roof is in need of repair or replacement. As stated above, rust is a common cause of roof leaks, but other issues can also be to blame, such as warped or loose panels, caused by Melbourne’s extreme weather conditions. If your roof has leaked, it’s important to remember that everything between the hole and the point where the water has leaked through, has also been exposed to water. For this reason, a qualified roof plumber is the only person for the job. (Continued)

You’re Using a Pre-Aged Roof

It’s great to purchase used metal roofing if you’re going to allow roofing contractors to cut away rusted or problematic parts. However, you’re only saving enough money if you can use more than 80% of the used metal roofing material. Any roofing material will have pre-aged problems if it has gone beyond 5-10 years.

In fact, most of these are torn-off and salvaged roofing parts from other London ON properties. While they fetch a lower price, they might not be an excellent investment at all. Remember, any aged roof will introduce possible leaking even if it has adequate density to protect against hailstorms.

We highly believe it’s still worth spending on brand-new metal roofing materials instead of used metal roofing. But once again, if you can salvage a large part of the used material, then you can definitely make use of it efficiently.

Will Roof Coating Save The Day?

Some homeowners report that they can resolve many used metal roofing issues by applying elastomeric roof coating on top of rusted areas. However, any roofer knows that elastomeric roofing materials require a thorough roof cleaning of the application surface. In turn, rough rusty areas of used metals do not guarantee the paint will stick to the roofing material.

Elastek has a great list of steps that make sure you apply roof coatings properly. Depending on your metal roof’s surface, coating application can make or break your used metal roof.

Thoroughly clean the roof surface

Roofs collect oils from asphalt, chimneys, and cars plus lots of dirt and dust. Coatings don’t stick well to any of these. We recommend cleaning with an inexpensive solution of TSP or TSP Substitute in a bucket of water (follow label instructions). Use a broom to scrub ponding areas and areas of peeling coatings. Work a section at a time and hose off the dirty water. Sweep away puddles to promote drying. Do not allow wash water to dry on walls, furniture, windows, and visible surfaces.

Repair and seal roof penetrations, tears, open seams

In larger or deep ponding areas, apply Elastek 500 Puddle Plaster to fill in areas that hold water. Avoid using plastic roof cement. Serious ponding should be referred to a roofing contractor. Blisters in previous coatings may be opened but these areas must be allowed to dry-out completely. Blisters in the roofing ply should be left alone unless likely to break. Caulk and reinforce open seams, roof penetrations, cracks, and tears. These are potential leak points so work carefully and thoroughly. Use fabric to build flashings around roof edges or roof penetrations, and to reinforce various coating repairs. A polyester fabric is used because it will stretch with the coatings. (Fiberglass fabric is not recommended.) Fabric is normally cut to extend three inches beyond the repaired area in all directions. (Continued)

Should I Just Forget About It?

As you’ve read throughout this post, it seems used metal roofing is a bad idea. In the end of anything, getting your money’s worth from your investment should be your major deciding factor. If you gain a large useable part from the salvaged metal roofing material, then you’ve made a great investment.  However, arriving at this situation might not be as simple as it seems. Always gauge the benefits versus the expenses or losses you’ll receive when deciding to have used metal roofing

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