As per our previous post, two kinds of metal roof aesthetic forms exist: corrugated and standing seam metal roofs. However, the actual materials or substances that make them differ in three ways. If you’re looking for the best types of metal roofs available in the market, your local London ON supplier may show you three: galvanized, galvalumed, and aluminum roofs.

Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. In general, all three provide excellent durability, long-term performance that can last for decades, and dependability even in the harshest of hailstorms. First, let’s begin with the pros and cons of galvanized steel roofing. Puyat Steel has an excellent article on it.

Why Use Galvanized Roofing For Your Property?

Businesses have been using galvanized steel roofing for their offices, warehouses, and other structures ever since the 1800’s when Stanislas Sorel obtained a patent for a method of coating iron with zinc.

Galvanized Longspan Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is one of the fastest growing segments of home improvement – more than quadrupling its market share over the past decade. The benefits offered by today’s metal roofs allow homeowners to upgrade their homes with products of lasting value. While other roofs quickly diminish in value as they age, metal roofs provide the following lasting benefits.

Affordability and Ease of Maintenance

Due to its lower cost, it is more affordable to setup metal roofing for your home or business. Coupled with easier maintenance, as repainting, patching or the cost replacing panels after 10 years is not as high as using tile and shale roofs.

Built to last

Metal roofs have been known to last more than 50 years, if handled and maintained properly. Correct galvanizing depending on the climate and environment of the building- ensures that the roof will last and protect the things that matter to you over the years to come.

Beautiful design (Continued)

Next, galvalume metal roofing is produced in a similar manner as galvanized steel. However, it uses aluminum rather than zinc as its dipping coat. In turn, you have the density of two types of metal roofs: steel and aluminum. The latter allows steel to last longer in high salt air environments.

To know more about galvalumed roofs, Union Corrugating has an excellent article that will show you each detail in full. Learn more about it below.

Galvalumed Metal Roofing and its Pros and Cons

Metal roofing has truly come full circle during the past century. From being a popular roofing material in the early 20th century to being replaced by cheaper roofing materials such as asphalt shingles during the past several decades, to emerging once again as the premier roofing system for commercial buildings and homes. The future looks bright for metal roofing, and there are several metal roofing benefits and trends that are fueling the growth.

The first benefit of Galvalume metal roofing is its enhanced performance caused by recent innovations in metal roofing paint systems and coating technology. The vast majority of today’s metal roofs use a Galvalume coated steel substrate which virtually eliminates worries about rust and corrosion. Union’s Galvalume metal roof carries a limited 30 year warranty against rust and corrosion, the best in the industry. And just as important, metal roofing’s paint systems now have outstanding resistance to fading, chalking, and cracking under the most stringent conditions. Union’s Galvalume metal roofs offer 40 year paint warranties as standard, and lifetime warranties are also available. These metal roofing paint systems use cutting edge technology and inorganic pigments to provide the maximum protection against harmful UV rays. (Continued)

Lastly, pure aluminum roofing is available for London ON residential roofing owners. True enough, aluminum roofing requires the best London ON roofers that you can depend on to install them effectively.

Aluminum roofs are lightweight. In fact, they can weigh about 70-80% lighter than steel roofs. Therefore, they’re not too good in windy locations. However, they are excellent choices especially for beachside properties. Know more about their benefits and some disadvantages to cope with in Jones Roofing’s comprehensive post.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Aluminum Roofing

In the past few years, aluminum roofing has gained popularity among homeowners because of the numerous benefits that this building material offers. For instance, roofs made of aluminum are durable, attractive, energy-efficient and reasonably-priced. Although aluminum was the least preferred material for roofs decades ago, more and more people are discovering the great features of this type of metal. Moreover, recent improvements have addressed and resolved concerns about the structural issues and expensive price of aluminum.

Key Reasons to Use Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum is among the few types of metal that is increasingly regarded as excellent roofing materials for homes and commercial buildings. The following are some of the reasons why more people choose aluminum instead of other architectural materials:

1. Aluminum is energy-efficient, as compared to other roofing materials.

One of the top benefits of aluminum roof is its energy-efficient features, which can help reduce your utility bills. During the warm months, you no longer need to leave your air conditioning unit on for several hours because aluminum roof can reflect more amount of sunlight unlike other materials. In fact, it can reflect over 90 percent of sunlight that is likely to heat up your home even more.

2. This type of metal can resist fires.

If ever your home catches fire, you will appreciate the fact that your roofing is made of aluminum. Most homes that use wood, asphalt or several other materials for the shingles tend to burn quickly once ignited, and this can spread the fire easily. On the other hand, roofing made of aluminum are non-combustible, so it is impossible for it to be ignited by sparks or fire coming from the chimney.

3. Aluminum prevents accumulation of snow that can cause damages to your property. (Continued)

Remember, all types of metal roofs can introduce excellent performance, protect your property against long term damage, and is useful in many overall cases. If you’ve yet to find an excellent roofer, you can count on Cub Roofing to provide the best installations of any types of metal roofs. Contact us today to learn more.