Ask any long-time London ON homeowner about the best kind of roof to use in a home, and their usual (and sometimes unified answer) is to use a metal roof. Experienced and knowledgeable London ON roofers will stand by the sturdy roofing material. Metal, whether steel, aluminum, or copper, will outlast other roofing materials in performance and durability. However, here is one primary question that may undermine metal roof’s capabilities: will metal roof with skylights perform just as well as standard metal roofs?

You’ve definitely heard horror stories about a metal roof with skylights leaking profusely during a storm. In some cases, a windy storm blew off an entire roof including the expensive and painstakingly-installed skylights. However, skylights are greatly compatible with metal roofs according to Jag Metals LLC, a long-time metal roofing manufacturer.

Can You Install a Metal Roof With Skylights?

As one of the leading metal roof manufacturers in the Weatherford area, we are often presented with questions about the functionality and composition of metal roofing systems. Skylights are popular roofing additions that can add natural light and beauty to any room or building. Many people wonder if they can have a skylight with their metal roof. The answer is yes! Virtually any kind of roof can have skylights installed, but for metal roofs in particular, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Proper Installation

This is the most vital consideration when hiring a contractor to install skylights. An improperly mounted sunlight and/or improper flashing installation can allow water in the seams of your metal roof. This can result in unsightly and expensive interior water damage. A few months back, we had an article about the importance of roof flashing. Equally important is the sunlight installation method. Many contractors and sunlight manufacturers recommend curb-mounting a skylight so that flashing can be properly installed.

Additionally, you will want to think about the best time to install skylights. Generally speaking, it is much easier to properly install skylights and flashing as the metal roof is being installed as opposed to after the roof is already in place. To learn more about this and how skylights can work with your metal roof, give us a call. (Continued)

As with any big or small roofing project, a metal roof with skylights can provide exceptional longevity and performance if the roofing contractors nail the metal roof and skylight installation in the most accurate and effective way possible. Excellent preparations produce an ounce of prevention, which is enough to maximize the roofing material and skylights installation.

Homeowners can decide to go on a whim and have a metal roof with skylights. However, DIY homeowners and reputable roofing contractors must consider several details to reach the best outcome for both their metal roof and skylights installation. MBCI has a great set of details anyone installing skylights must consider before proceeding.

Planning Ahead: Preparations Before Installing a Metal Roof With Skylights

The beauty of skylights can be a real benefit to the aesthetic value of a metal building project. Beyond looks, though, the proven benefits of daylighting are many: building occupant satisfaction from natural lighting, mold and mildew growth prevention and, of course, energy savings, to name a few. In fact, once the decision has been made to go with metal for the roofing material, a skylight is often a natural tie-in when it comes to sustainable design—for both form and function. In order to make the most of the design choice, there are a few key considerations to bear in mind during the specification and pre-installation phases of the process.

Types of Available Skylights

Two common types of skylights used with metal roofs are Light Transmitting Panels (LTPs) and Curb Mount Skylights. Both supply natural light into the building and provide similar benefits. LTPs, which are formed from a translucent material and come in many different panel profiles, in actuality, can be used not only in metal roofs but as an accessory for metal wall panels, too. One of the key benefits of LTPs is that the panel is formed so that it substantially matches the configuration and characteristics of the system into which it is installed, and therefore can work seamlessly with specific metal roof systems. Curbed (curb mount) skylights include a raised structure (“curb”) formed around the roof opening where the skylight will be attached. Curb skylights come in many shapes and styles. (Continued)

We have mentioned that DIY homeowners can plan and execute a metal roof with skylights installation. However, roofing has many dangers. It is for this reason we do not advise inexperienced or untrained homeowners to proceed without the guidance of an experienced roofer. On the other hand, if you have sufficient experience and training, then you can follow a set of instructions to perform a metal roof with skylights installation.

In the same vein, you can definitely execute a skylight leak repair where necessary. We aren’t saying that skylights will always leak, but as with anything in roofing, no installation is perfect — it just has a lower risk of problems than anything else. Today’s Homeowner has a step-by-step guide to find and address skylight leaks below.

Addressing a Metal Roof With Skylights Leak

There are several possibilities as to why your skylight is leaking. The leak might not be a leak at all, but the result of condensation forming on the inside of the glass during cold weather. It could also be caused by an unrelated roof leak above the skylight that is finding its way out through the ceiling opening around the skylight.

If the leak appears to be coming from the skylight itself, start by cleaning around the skylight to remove any leaves or debris. Next, examine the exterior of the skylight and flashing carefully for any gaps or flashing that may have been improperly installed. (Continued)

Remember, working with a London ON roofer will help you with a metal roof with skylights installation faster than doing it by yourself. If you have yet to find a reliable roofer, you can count on Cub Roofing’s decades-experienced team to help you. Contact us today!