Before we discovered tin, steel, and aluminum, our ancestors first used gold, silver, and copper for use in both industrial and luxurious applications. Copper became common roofing material in the 18th and 19th centuries. Nowadays, is it still wise to use as the core material of your roof? Is it highly recommended to use them in accents such as copper metal roof shingles?

Copper is a roofing material that has a progressive nature. Unlike tin, steel, and aluminum, copper metal roof shingles will change its color gradually from its post-manufacturing gloss to its oxidized green color. Interlock Roofing has a great description of how this happens.

The Changing Color of Copper Metal Roof Shingles.

Copper roofs have existed since early civilizations. It was chosen because it enhanced the beauty of any structure. Copper exceeds all possible expectations.

After the installation, copper will begin to evolve going from a bright shiny color to different stages of bronze subtle hues of green before reaching its final and very familiar variegated green color. Depending on where the roof is located, the process could take as long as 30-35 years. (Continued)

Cost is our primary concern when it comes to copper metal roof shingles. At a price of $9-$14 per square foot, we believe you can benefit better from a galvanized steel standing seam metal roof at the same price range. However, if properly maintained, copper should last for more than 60 years — on par with the roofing material mentioned above. Angie’s List has a great breakdown on the factors affecting copper roofing prices.

How Much Are Copper Shingles vs. Copper Roofing Panels?

A full install of roofing panels with all costs factored in can run up to $14 per square foot. Copper shingle installs with materials and labor included can run up to $26 per square foot.

The cost of shingles versus panels depends on:

  • The unique design used to craft shingles or mold the sheet
  • The portion of the roof that you will cover
  • The skill of the roofer for adding basic panels vs. complicated shingle installation.

Copper panels come pre-measured, with a standard 3 x 14 feet size. They also come in 10 X 10-foot roofing squares. The metal costs an average $9 per square foot and labor around $5 per square foot.

Copper shingles run up to $14 per square foot for material. Labor runs to $12 per square foot for the more complex install process.

What Do Standing Seam Copper Roofs Cost?

Standing seam copper roofs feature a raised seam between panels. They cost up to $12 per square foot for material and up to $5 per square foot for labor. You can buy either square or rectangle panels. (Continued)

Aside from its lifespan, will you enjoy other benefits by using metal roofs? London ON homeowners will enjoy a roof that changes its color within 30-35 years. In addition, copper metal roof shingles is environmentally-friendly. Copper roofing is as recyclable as other metal roofing materials. In contrast, its lightness and flexibility possibly cuts down labor time for contractors.

However, because it can easily dent due to its malleability, we still believe it is never a great idea to use copper metal roof shingles as primary material. Using them as accents to deliver a premium appeal to your roof is a recommendation you’ll definitely get from us. JTC Roofing‘s content below has some great descriptions on the benefits of copper roofing.


As far as durability is concerned, copper roofing is a far more beneficial material than other roofing materials such as asphalt and slate. With regular care and maintenance, the life expectancy of copper roofing can exceed fifty years. As well as being resistant to the elements and thereby less likely to be affected by rainfall, hail and mildew than other types of roofing, copper is also one of the most fireproof materials available. Copper is also highly resistant to thermal changes and thereby doesn’t deteriorate quickly. This greatly reduces maintenance costs.


As builders strive to find more energy efficient and environmentally-friendly ways of sustaining the lifespan of roofs, copper roofing has become more widely used in recent years. Metal reflects heat rather than absorbs it, so copper roofing makes it easier to control the costs associated with heating and cooling your property. Add this to the durability and cost-effectiveness of copper roofing, and bearing in mind that copper can be recycled, copper roofing comes highly recommended as a way of reducing environmental footprints. (Continued)

All copper metal roof shingles and other metal roofing materials will enjoy a better lifespan and durability if it is installed by a reputable London ON roofer. If you have yet to find one, you can count on Cub Roofing to help. We are a roofer with decades of experience handling residential metal roofing. Contact us today to know more!