When we mention metal roofs, we often think about both corrugated and standing seam metal aesthetics. These are wide-panel roofing material interlocking with each other. However, not all homeowners and property owners know about metal roof shingles. It might seem unbelievable to most, but metal roof shingles look like traditional asphalt shingles or even clay tiles. However, they share the benefits metal brings for homeowners.

Beck Roofing discusses the different types of metal roof systems, which includes metal roof shingles for London ON homes.

What are The Different Kinds of Metal Roofing Systems?

Metal, primarily thought of as a low-slope roofing material, has been found to be a roofing alternative for home and building owners with steep-slope roofs. There are two types of metal roofing products: panels and shingles. Numerous metal panel shapes and configurations exist.

Metal shingles typically are intended to simulate traditional roof coverings, such as wood shakes, shingles and tile. Apart from metal roofing’s longevity, metal shingles are relatively lightweight, have a greater resistance to adverse weather and can be aesthetically pleasing. Some have Class A fire ratings. Source)

If you’re wondering about the variety of metal roof shingles choices available to homeowners in London ON, almost a dozen are available from top-quality roofing manufacturers. If you’d like to preserve the traditional roofing appeal while enjoying the benefits metal roofs offer, metal roof shingles are an excellent choice.

Just like corrugated and standing seam, metal roof shingles have steel and aluminum variants. Roofing Calculator has an excellent post about these variants and a list of quality metal roof shingles manufacturers you can choose from.

The Different Kinds of Metal Roof Shingles

When you research various shingles, you will find that some are made from aluminum and others from steel. While both are equally durable and long lasting, there is one important difference. Steel will rust and corrode if installed in coastal areas within 1 mile from the shore. Aluminum will not have this problem. While aluminum shingles are more expensive than steel, its strongly recommended to install them, if you live in a coastal area.

Technically, aluminum will never rust and steel roof shingles potentially could. In reality, because they are made from high grade corrosion resistant steel, it usually does not happen. In my experience installing them for the past 13 years, I never had a corrosion issue come up. I even installed them on my house. I have many cut pieces laying in the boneyard (on the ground) for years, with zero signs of corrosion at the cut lines, where metal is most exposed to rust. ()

The major difference between corrugated, standing seam, and metal roof shingles is the method of installation. The latter use a specific set of instructions different from the panel-based installation of corrugated metal roofing and the interlocking fasteners of standing seam metal roofing.

Metal roof shingles aren’t as heavy as standing seam metal roofing materials, which allows London ON reputable roofing contractors to install them faster and easier. Is it possible to DIY the metal roof shingles installation? Absolutely, but only if you have the right tools, equipment, and instructions. Metal Roofing Systems has an excellent set of instructions — here is an excerpt that highlights one major installation method difference.

Installing Metal Roof Shingles

Once the roof deck is prepared, you should install a starter flashing or a drip edge. This is installed against the fascia board. There should be a spacing of half an inch, and your starter/drip edge flashing should be secured / fastened with suitable nails (aluminum nails, if it is aluminum shingles you are installing) with appropriate washer-heads, approximately 12 inches apart.

Please note that if you are installing steel shingles, you will have to use galvanized steel nails to avoid any corrosion due to the use of incompatible metals/alloys. Gable flashing should now be installed against the gable rake. Spacing is also half an inch for this. The gable flashing must overlap the flashing of the drip edge flashing at the edge. (Continued)

Remember, metal roof shingles require proper installation to provide all the long-term roofing benefits manufacturers promote and have tested. In fact, only trust qualified and manufacturer-certified roofers to provide the level of service you need. Cub Roofing has more than a decade of roofing experience and knowledge. When it comes to roofing, you can trust us to deliver. Learn more about what we can do for you — contact us today!