Most London ON homeowners ask, “If I needed residential metal roofing contractors near me, what questions should I ask?” In truth, you need to ask so many questions. However, just about five can help you narrow down your growing list of experienced and highly-reputable London ON roofers. It’s easy to come up with a huge list thanks to social media nowadays.

However, many homeowners can attest to the capacity and results contractors with the following qualities can provide. You definitely know the personality of people you can depend on at work or the unique characteristics that make spending time with your friends worthwhile. Now, you’ll know about the great qualities residential metal roofing contractors near you should possess.

Years of Experience and Proven Capability

“How do I know I’m working with the best residential metal roofing contractors near me in London ON?” Look at their About Us website page and check how long they’ve been servicing the area. Any roofing contractor with more than 10 years of roofing experience is a viable option. True enough, the most experienced ones’ servicescan be quite expensive. However, they will always guarantee exceptional results in every project.

A Full Understanding of Their Craft

You will only work with artists if you’ve seen how well they do their work. If you’re asking “how can I find the best residential metal roofing contractors near me?” you’ll want to find one who has a full understanding and mastery of their profession. That means finding a roofer that possesses a great roster of services and works with different kinds of metal roofing materials.

In addition, they should be recognized and certified professionals. Ontario’s College of Trades oversees the education, certification, and regulation of all roofers in Ontario. You can know more about their advantageous contribution to Ontario roofing below:


The Ontario College of Trades is the regulatory body for skilled trades professions in Ontario. The College enforces regulations that help protect the public and is committed to promoting the value of working with certified skilled trades professionals. The College also maintains a register of its members including the following membership classes: Journeypersons, Apprentices, Journeyperson Candidates, Tradespersons,

and Employers/Sponsors. Individuals with registered training agreements must become members of the College’s Apprentices Class and must remain a member in good standing with the College in order to complete the apprenticeship program. (Source)

Only State-of-The Art Roofing Equipment

Contractors that anticipate the needs of their target market are the ones who last the longest and gain the trust and support of their local communities. Equipment is a time and money-saving asset any experienced and reputable roofer in Ontario should possess. In fact, it separates DIY and professional teams because of the quality of workmanship, expected results, and labor speed.

With top-tier equipment, professional roofers can give you the most accurate labor time estimates when installing your metal roofing. In fact, they’ll unlikely miss this mark thanks to efficient equipment. However, the saying that “equipment does not make a professional” definitely rings true.

Guaranteed Results in Every Project

Skills and in-depth experience are the two biggest tools every roofing contractor should know. They only gain these two through years of roofing experience servicing homes across their chosen areas. If your roofers have plenty of work references, it services as a testament to their dedication in providing top-quality roofing services with efficient results.

Certifications and equipment validate a roofing contractor’s right to provide professional service as their regulators recognize. However, legislation and permission only gives them the ceiling and floor prices of their labor. Results come from verified and tested methods, proven ideas, and years of working with equipment that the team members consider every tool as an inseparable part of their body.

Trusted By The Local Community

Lastly, online review websites and social media are useful tools in knowing whether you’re working with a company that can guarantee exceptional results. A simple search engine query will show you third-party websites with reviews and insight about your prospective roofer. Make sure to go through the top positive and negative comments first.

If they do not have any negative comments, then you definitely have the answer to “How do I find the best residential roofing contractors near me?” However, make sure to browse their portfolio, consult the reviewer through a simple digital correspondence when possible, and check their latest projects to know what to expect fully from their services.

If you have yet to find a trusty roofer in Ontario, you can count on Cub Roofing to help you. We have decades of experience providing top-quality metal roofing services. In addition, we only use state-of-the-art roofing equipment and have the necessary certifications to operate. Contact us today to learn more!